Lime Creek Farm


  • Living space for people & Labradors
  • Ponds and habitat

Forty-three acres of the 80-acre farm were accepted into 
the CRP program in mid-1999. Restoration of this land into 
oak savanna and prairie began in late 1999.


  • One hundred year old farm house
  • Barn and outbuildings
  • Habitat

The architect for the restored and enlarged farmhouse was
      Bill Montelbano, of Mazomanie, Wisconsin. Construction was by Reuter Construction of 
      Lancaster, Wisconsin.
Click here to see Bill's sketch for the renovation.
Click here to see the finished house in winter time.

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Click on any of the thumbnail pictures below to see an enlarged view of the Lime Creek land

Oak savannas typically consist of native prairie grasses with a thin mix of burr and white oak trees. In mature savannas, 
the oaks may be as sparse as one tree per acre, and should never shade as much as half the area of their supporting grasslands.

David Wisnefsky, whose farm at "Savannah Springs" in Green County is a showcase for Southwestern Wisconsin prairie restorations, is helping with the Lime Creek restoration.  Dave is interested in all sorts of outdoor activities and conservation projects for Southwestern Wisconsin. His website for Savannah Springs has many, many photos of native plants, and also many links to 
other conservation and outdoor sites for Southwestern Wisconsin.