CP Shamrock Acres Katy Go Litely CD TD SH

 She's a versatile lab:

 AKC Obedience CD: Katy completed her obedience title with a high Novice B score of 197/200.

 AKC Tracking TD: Katy passed her Tracking Dog certification test and was awarded her Tracking Dog title, each on her first try, in April, 1997. She's a fast, nontraditional tracker who completed her 1/4 mile track in under 3 minutes -- less than 1/3 the time of any other dog entered the day she earned her title.

 AKC Hunting SH & MH: Katy completed her AKC Senior Hunter Title in August 1997. One week later she completed the first leg of her Master Hunter title. She picked up another leg on the MH in 1998, but an Achilles tendon tear and other injuries, including Lyme disease, have prevented running her much in 1998 and 1999. Because of injuries Katy is basically retired from trialing, although after one more litter, if her injuries permit it finishing her MH would be a priority..

 APLA Pointing Retriever CP: Katy has passed the American Pointing Labrador Association test to qualify as a Certified Pointing retriever.

 In the 1999 Wisconsin Open Pheasant Championship, Katy took fifth place (out of 38 entrants) in the amateur division; but she placed first among those dogs whose handlers ran the course only once.

She's a trainable lab:

 From the age of 6 months, Katy has loved nothing more than to work, train, hunt, and compete. She never quits, and she's eager to please.

 She's been entirely amateur trained and amateur handled -- all the way through the first leg of her MH without an electronic collar.

 In the field, she's athletic, muscular, hard driving, and an excellent marker.

 At home, she's a sweet and loving companion.

She's got exceptional Candlewood & Shamrock Acres bloodlines:

 There are 63 Field Champions and Amateur Field Champions in Katy's six-generation pedigree. There are also eight breed Champions, including six Dual Champions.

 All eight of her great-great grandsires are in the Retriever Hall of Fame.

 Three out of four great-grandsires are in the Retriever Hall of Fame. (The other is FC NAFC CNFC CAFC Piper's Pacer.)

 One of her grandsires is FC AFC Wilderness Harley To Go, a finalist in the 1989 NAFT. In 1996, 30 of Harley's progeny ran in the National Retriever Championship, the Amateur National, the Canadian National, and the Canadian Amateur National -- the highest number for any sire that year. For 1999, Harley received the Thomas W. Merritt Memorial Trophy, awarded annually to the Field Trial Champion who sired the greatest number of progeny which in the previous year acquired points in Open All-Age, Limited All-Age, or Special All-Age competitions.

 Katy's hips OFA excellent, her elbows pass OFA, her eyes have always passed CERF and her eyes test excellent for vision as well.

In fall 1998, one owner/operator of a 3,000 acre ranch in South Dakota who regularly hunts with clients on his ranch, called Katy the best upland hunting dog he had ever hunted with! As Katy gets older, she will continue to get her greatest satisfaction from long days of upland hunting throughout our long, cold Wisconsin winters and on special trips -- she loves it!

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Katy's a versatile retriever -- she's also 70 pounds of heart, feet, muscles and love.

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