Joemac's Cause for Concern

(FC AFC Rebel With A Cause  x  WR Joe Mac's Pepper of Lime Creek)

(Hips "Excellent";  CERF 2000, 2002)

Lime Creek's  two youngest Lab is already proving to live up to Lime Creek's high standards:

   GMPR  Joemac's Cause for Concern  CDX MXJ MX, born May 29, 2000, is the son of FC AFC Rebel With A Cause and WR Joe Mac's Pepper of Lime Creek JH. In recent years, Joey's father, Rebel, has been the high-point yellow Labrador running the AKC field trial circuit.

"Joey" has 34 Field Champions and 18 members of the Retriever Hall of Fame in his 5 generation pedigree. "Joey"  is Katy's and Gumbo's "grandson" and Mickey's and Punkin's "nephew".

Joey is a large, sweet, yellow lab who is as smart  and trainable as any Lab we have ever owned. He is an excellent marker, an exceptional pointer who is one of the youngest Grand Master Pointer Retrievers on record, and has outstanding drive and trainability

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Retrieving:  Running in the Island View AKC Sanctioned Field Trials the when he was 10 months old, Joey took 1st place in the Puppy Stakes, 2nd place in the Derby, and earned a Judges Award of Merit (a JAM) in Amateur Trained and Handled. The next day, running in the Wisconsin Amateur AKC Sanctioned Field Trial, Joey again took 1st place in the Puppy Stakes. In December 2001, he took 1st place in Amateur Trained and Handled at the Manitowoc AKC Sanctioned Field Trial. 

For the year 2001, he was "High Point Puppy" for both the Madison Retriever Club and the  Wisconsin Amateur Club. He was also "High Point Amateur Trained and Handled" at Madison..

In April of 2002, in spite of having had no water training over the preceding winter, in his second and third AKC Licensed Derbies he received Judges Award of Merit (JAMs) on successive weekends. The next weekend he was one of only 8 dogs called back for the final series, which only 3 dogs completed. Finally, on May 3, running at the Madison Field Trial, he lived up to his promise, taking 2nd place in the Derby.

Obedience:  In mid May of 2001, just before turning one year old, Joey finished his first obedience title, (a CD), a notable achievement for a young intact adolescent male.

Agility:  At 16 months, Joey began running in AKC agility. By the time he was 19 months old, he had finished his Novice titles as well as his Open Standard title. To date, he's earned 25 placements, including eighteen 1st place finishes
For the year 2001, "Front and Finish" ranked him 2nd for Novice Jumps With Weaves and tied for 4th in Novice Standard among all Agility Labradors in the country. They also ranked him 8th  among Labradors in Open Standard. 

Pointing:  Joey is a spectacular pointer. On October 6, 2001, running in his first APLA trial, Joey successfully pointed and retrieved three birds, and retrieved two water marks, earning a score of 34 points out of a maximum 35 possible in earning the title of Certified Pointing Retriever.  On September 12, 2002, on his first try running master,  Joey earned his Master Pointing Retriever title.  Two weeks later he earned his Grand Master Pointing Retriever title..

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