Two Ton Tess of Lime Creek  JH

"Tess" is owned by Tim and Linda Sweeney and their children, Kelsey and Chris. They report that Tess got the name "Two Ton" because they were sure that there would be tons of family fun packed into Tess's small body. But another version of how 58 pound Tess got the name "Two Ton" is that it came as a jealous suggestion by Tess's baby sister, Punkin, who has always weighed even less than Tess!

Tess on the Wisconsin River (age 8 months)

Not only does Tess gets lots of play with the Sweeney children, Kelsey and Chris, but Linda and Tim take her to work about one day a week. In the summer, the family goes on frequent canoe and camping trips, and Tess loves to go with them. The Sweeneys live on a farm which has enough cover that Tess gets to hunt both ducks and pheasants with Tim and Chris right on the farm, and Tim has become active in the Madison Retriever Club, winning awards for outstanding service. Tim and Chris got two legs of Tess's Junior Hunter title on in the summer of 1999 and finished the title in late summer 2000, all at the Madison club..

Linda has completed both beginning and intermediate agility courses with Tess, and hopes to resume agility work with her when the family schedule permits.

Tim Sweeney, together with his brother, owns and operates the Sweeney Construction Company in Madison, Wisconsin, and Linda now works for the family company. Tim also serves on the town of Verona's Planning Commission.

In addition to her active family life, Linda (who is a licensed vet technician) was for many years the hospital manager for the Animal Hospital of Verona, in Verona Wisconsin. During this time, Drs. Barney Smith and Bill Gengler have served as the principal vets for Katy Go Litely and the "Boy Toys" Buddy and Huck. It was through this connection that Linda got to know Deb and her dogs. Having observed Katy from the time Katy was a pup, Linda was sure that one of Katy's own pups would be the perfect pet for her very active family.

Kelsey, Tess, & Chris


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