MACH GMPR  Lime Creek's Punkin Patootie  TDX CDX MH    


A Junior Hunter title when 6 months old

At 10 months, the youngest Lab in the country since 1991 to earn an advanced AKC tracking title

Both Master Hunter and Grand Master Pointing Retriever titles while 2 years old

The 1st Lab in the country to earn AKC's new second level Versatile title (VCD2)

Sixteen 1st and thirteen 2nd place finishes in AKC agility, including twelve 1sts in Excellent

The 2nd Lab in the country, and the first female, to earn a MACH

The 1st Lab in the country to qualify for the final round of an AKC National Agility Championship

OFA "excellent", elbows "normal";  both litter CERF and current CERF

54 pounds; black (yellow factored)

"Punkin" is owned by Lime Creek's Deborah Joseph and Paul Young.  The 54 pound runt of the first Lime Creek litter, Punkin is intense, but soft and highly trainable. Her great speed and tremendous drive in the field, coupled with her small size, led her to be christened "Paul's Pocket Rocket" while still a young pup. As long as she has plenty of exercise, she's sweet and quiet at home, but she's wiry and intense in competition. She lives to work. She likes nothing better than hunting, competing, and training.

Punkin was the first Grand Master Pointing Retriever in Wisconsin. She, her littermate "Mickey", and her nephew "Joey" remain the only Grand Master Pointing Retrievers in the state.

Punkin has been entirely amateur trained and handled. We believe that her list of AKC accomplishments alone make her the most broadly titled working Labrador in North America.  She is truly the ultimate versatile working Labrador.

While 5 months old, Punkin was one of 22 "Qualifying Finalists" out of 64 dogs of all ages entered
                                                                                                    in the Rainier Hunting Retriever Club "Ten Series"
An AKC Junior Hunter title at age 6 months; a Senior Hunter title at 19 months, and an AKC Master Hunter title at 34 months
A 2nd place finish in the Puppy stakes at an AKC licensed Field Trial at 10 months
A 4th place finish in a Derby at an AKC sanctioned Field Trial at 12 months
Two 1st place finishes plus two 2nds and a 3rd in the Quals at AKC sanctioned Field Trials

 APLA Pointing:
An APLA Certified Pointing Retriever title at 10 months
A score of 33.5 points out of a maximum of 35 in earning her APLA Intermediate Pointing Retriever title
An APLA Master Pointing Retriever title at 22 months, and the Grand Master Pointing Retriever title at 30 months

 AKC Agility:                           
Three 1st place finishes, a 3rd  and a 4th in earning her novice agility titles       
One 1st, three 2nd  and two 4th place finishes in earning her Open Agility titles
Five 1st and one 2nd  place finishes in earning her AX and AXJ
On Nov 17, 2001 Punkin had her first Excellent B run . Less than a year later,
        on Nov 2, 2002, she  earned her MACH,  with
exactly 1000 MACH points.
        By Nov 17, she had upped this to 24 DQs and 1133 MACH points.

 The first Lab ever to qualify for the Finals at the AKC National Agility Championships:
       On the basis of  three qualifying runs at the 2002 Championships, Punkin ranked
       9th out of 127 20-inch dogs competing  for one of 13 spots in the Final run.


 AKC Tracking:
At age 4 months, certified for AKC Tracking Tests under judge Sil Sanders
At age 9 months, on her first try, earned her TD with an astonishing 2 minute flat course time
At age 10 months, on her first try, became the youngest lab since 1991 to earn a TDX,
                                                                               posting a remarkable under 12 minute course time

 AKC Obedience:
 Three for three, including 3rd and 4th place finishes in earning her AKC obedience (CD) title
"High Point Labrador in Trial" for the first leg of her Open Obedience Trial (CDX)
 A 1st place finish in Open B  for the final leg of her CDX

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