WR  Joe Mac's Pepper of Lime Creek JH

Four for four in earning her NAHRA Working Retriever title at 19 months
3rd place in Amateur Trained and Handled at an AKC sanctioned Field Trial this December

"Pepper" was originally owned and trained by Joe and Maggie McKone. Joe and his wife Maggie started their own kennel  "JoeMacs Working Labs", in 1997, for breeding pointing Labs.

Pepper completed three legs for her NAHRA "Started" title before the 1998 season closed. Then in the spring of 1999 she quickly finished her Started title and almost immediately began her Working Retriever title. Her first two NAHRA WR tests when she was 17 months old were tough, with 9 out of 24 and 8 out of 23 as the pass rates, but Pepper passed them both. She went on to do four for four in her NAHRA WR tests, finishing the title when she was 19 months old. 

Joe reports that he hunted Pepper extensively in the fall of 1998 and 1999, and that she is an outstanding upland hunter. Joe also reports that Pepper quickly became the McKone's favorite household pet, and that Pepper is especially good with the children, Kelsey, Katelyn, and Kaleb. 

In early 2000, Joe worked with Lime Creek in breeding Pepper to the current high-point yellow field champion FC AFC Rebel With A Cause. Eleven pups from this breeding were born May 29, 2000. We took our own carefully selected pup from this litter, a yellow male that we've named "Joe Macs Cause for Concern".  "Joey" already  has his GMPR title, and has done well in Derby, in obedience, and in agility.

After 3 successful breedings of Pepper with JoeMacs Working Labs, in August of 2002, Joe's health forced him to close his kennel, and Pepper returned to Deb and Paul's Lime Creek program.  Although owned by Deb and Paul, Pepper now lives with our friend Gary Quackenbush. Based on Joe Mckone's training, in September of 2002 Gary quickly handled Pepper to a Junior Hunter title, going 4 for 4 in the process. But the cap of her 2002 season was a 3rd place finish in Amateur Trained and Handled at an AKC sanctioned Field Trial in early December. For her performance in 2002, Pepper earned the Madison Retriever Club's award for high point Amateur Trained and Handled retriever.

Pepper is proving to be a fantastically good pointer, and Deb and Gary are now preparing Pepper for APLA tests in 2003.

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