High Hopes Opie of Lime Creek

"Opie":  Standing 23.5 inches at the shoulder and weighing a lean 77 pounds when one year old, sweet Opie is one of the biggest of the Lime Creek labs, and as you can see from Susan's pictures Opie is a very handsome Labrador. Opie is also the softest, and perhaps the sweetest, of the Lime Creek pups, as Deb knew he would be from the time he was a wee pup. Opie is just the kind of dog who loves being a "Cappuccino dog", curled up in front of a fire on a cold winters' day.

But Opie also has good drive, a beautiful flowing run, and an exceptionally good nose, all of which should help him in hunting and in hunt tests. Opie makes his home with Susan Karcher, who co-owns him.  Deb has trained Opie for hunt tests, and Opie was clearly ready to begin running Junior Hunt tests in the spring of 1999. And Susan promised to train him for obedience and agility as well.


Opie, "The Cappuccino Pup" (age 6 months)


a)  Opie is partial to twigs... any kind of twigs! And chewing twigs is a pleasant thing to do -- we've all been there!

b)  Opie loves to sit and watch. A penny for your thoughts Opie?

c)  Opie often tilts his head. He inherited this engaging trait from his mama. It occurs frequently, because Opie always wants to make sure he's heard you correctly when you ask him a question or make a strange sound.

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