Mickey and His Friends

Mickey's owner, Jim Coggins, is a professor of biological sciences with a specialty in parasitology. He is also a past Chair of the Department of Biological Sciences at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. He is an experienced obedience instructor, and in recent years has begun judging hunt tests and field trials as well.  Jim's website gives many more details about Mickey and Jim. You can find Jim's website at www.cogghill.com.

As a puppy, when Mickey left Lime Creek, he joined Jessica (Moraine's Jessica Fletcher TDI, WC, UDX), Hunter (Tabatha's Magic Marker), and Alex (Tabatha's Hunka Burning Love CD MH) as one of four Labradors in Jim and Hilda Coggins' home in Brown Deer, WI, a suburb of Milwaukee.

Jim had put both AKC Junior and Senior Hunter titles on Alex, and as Jim began training Mickey for master work, he finished Alex's MH title. Alex has one obedience title, and in early 1998 was ready to compete in AKC obedience Open for the CDX. Training for both field and obedience was on hold in much of 1998, since Alex was recovering from cruciate ligament surgery, an injury suffered during the 1997 hunting season. But Alex is running very well now, finishing his Master Hunter title in the summer of 2000, just as Mickey began picking up Master Legs on his own.

Hunter, another of Jim's labs, was born with severe OCD, a progressive musculo-skeletal disorder. He is such a great dog that Jim and Hilda decided to keep him. He has a happy and pain free life at the Coggins household, but he is not subjected to any formal training.

(Age one year)

Moraine's Jessica Fletcher

Jessica was Jim's first Labrador and his first obedience dog. They both learned amid many mistakes, but they culminated Jessica's obedience career by earning the coveted Utility Dog Excellent (UDX) title. In Jessica's last years, she was in a fight for her life, battling lung cancer. She was a part of an experimental inhalation chemotherapy trial of two experimental drugs being conducted at the University of Wisconsin Veterinary Medicine Teaching Hospital. 

Jessica did remarkably well on this therapy, with results that will benefit many other dogs, but she finally succumbed in the fall of 1999. She is still missed.

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