Kali and her owners

 Jon Constanzo is an associate professor in the Department of Zoology, Miami University, in Oxford, Ohio. Jon specializes in the physiology and ecology of amphibians and reptiles. His adjunct status permits enough flexibility in his work schedule that he usually hunts upland birds and waterfowl 4-5 days per week during the season. His wife, Ami, completed her B.S.N.in 1997, and is now working as a Nurse Instructor for Mercy Health Parntners in Hamilton Ohio.  Jointly they operate Quail Ridge, a semi-private training ground where trainers by invitation may work their dogs on gamebirds in native cover. Their days away from work are spent renovating their 125-year-old farmhouse, planting gardens for themselves and food plots for wildlife, building brushpiles, growing prairie grass, training dogs, and generally living the good life.

Kali (age 4 months) points pen pals

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