Quail Ridge Kali of Lime Creek

"Kali"  was named her after the Hindii goddess of evil and destruction by her owners, Jon and Ami Costanzo, so it was only fitting that they promised her lots of birds. Since John and Ami raise both pheasants and quail on the Civil War era farm they're restoring as the "Quail Ridge Dog Training Ground", in Camden, Ohio, they can easily keep this promise. For over twenty years John and Ami have hunted waterfowl and upland birds extensively throughout the Midwest, so Kali is definitely not limited to pheasants and quail. 

When Kali was a year old, Jon reported that she was well on her way to becoming a first class hunting Labrador, with a strong "pointing" instinct, and in the winter and spring of 2000 Kali lived up to this promise with outstanding pointing performances in quail hunting competitions in southwestern Ohio. Running mostly against standard pointing breeds, Kali finished third overall in the Quail Unlimited Silver Creek Chapter's Dog-of-the-Year Contest.  

We've upland hunted with Kali, Jon, and Ami, and can report from direct experience that Kali is an excellent hunter with a reliable point. Jon's also nicely trained Kali to flush on command after the point. 

When American Pointing Labrador tests were held in Ohio in the spring of 2000, Jon ran Kali for certification as a pointing retriever. At the test Kali's upland field work was outstanding:  With three birds put out for her, Kali found, pointed, and retrieved four birds to hand!  Unfortunately, she'd not been trained to come to the line in a test situation, and Kali failed to qualify because of her poor "line manners" on water retrieves. Clearly Kali needs to learn control at the line if she's to be run in hunt tests! 

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