Lime Creek's First Litter
Performance through outstanding field trial pedigrees

GMPR  Gumbo of Black Forest  MH, the sire of the first Lime Creek litter,
qualified for the Master National when he was 26 months old and, (like his daughter "Punkin"), earned both an AKC Master Hunter title and an APLA Grand Master Pointing Retriever title before the age of three.

Gumbo's pedigree includes 75 field champions in six-generations and 10 members of the Retriever Hall of Fame in four-generations.

Gumbo was one of the first Grand Master Pointing Retrievers, and his Trieven pedigree remains one of the very best among all Grand Master Pointing Retrievers.. Gumbo has sired ten Grand Master Pointing Retrievers, and his record of producing some of the best pointing Labradors in
the country is unmatched.

CP  Shamrock Acres Katy Go Litely  CD TD SH,  (plus 2 MH legs), the dam of the first litter, has 63 Field Champions (including six Dual Champions) in her six-generation pedigree.


Eleven of the 15 males in her four-generation pedigree are in the Retriever Hall of Fame.   By any standards, this is an outstanding field trial pedigree.

Katy one of very few Labradors with Master Hunter Qualifications who also have Obedience and Tracking titles.  She and her daughter Punkin are the only APLA Certified Pointing retrievers with these qualifications.

A guide for pheasant hunting in South Dakota once called Katy "the best dog he'd ever hunted with".  Katy is now retired from both trialing and breeding, but she remains our favorite, most experienced, hunting companion.

You can find details for specific dogs and owners for the first Lime Creek litter by viewing their individual pages:
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Opie Pepper:  JH WR Punkin:  MACH GMPR TDX CDX  MH Tess:  JH

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