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"Jessie", Lynn's first lab, is a yellow female. Although Jessie was Lynn's first lab, Lynn did well with her. In 1997 and 1998 "Front and Finish" listed Jessie as one of the top ten agility labs in the country for AKC Agility (Open division in 1997 and Excellent  in1998 AKC Agility trials (excellent division).  Lynn originally got Jessie as a companion and as a dog to accompany her when training horses. But Jessie proved so good at doing the horses' jumps that Lynn's friends suggested training Jessie as an Agility dog.

While Lynn has been interested in Obedience and Agility for sometime, after getting Decoy, Lynn's contact with the other Lime Creek pups and owners led to a new interest in field work. Agility remains a real passion, but with Decoy's Lime Creek connection and the acquisition of "Gator", field work has taken on a new priority.

While Jessie has now retired to become Mike's main hunting dog, Lynn continues to push both Decoy and Gator toward all around excellence in retrieving, in agility, and in obedience. Lynn clearly likes training versatile labs!

Jessie, at the 1998 AKC National Agility Championships

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Mike Vincent owns and operates Vintro Exteriors, which provides exterior maintenance to residential homes. The company specializes in roofing and siding for both renovations and new construction. Mike and Lynn have recently moved to a 5 acre property in the country, which they are renovating.

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