Lime Creek Labradors

Amateur trainers and occasional breeders of Versatile Pointing Labradors.
Performance through outstanding field trial pedigrees

Our Labs are muscular and athletic. They have great intensity and drive. They are all amateur trained and handled. Because they love to work and love to please they are ideal for the truly serious amateur trainer. They have excellent records in both Retrieving and in Pointing, and in AKC Obedience and Agility as well.     

We do only occasional breedings with our own bitches.  We expect no litters from our bitches in the near future.
But click below to find out whether the following studs out of Lime Creek lines may have litters available or planned.

"Preacher" and "Joey" are littermates whose dam, "Pepper", is a littermate of "Mickey" and "Punkin".

GMPR  Lime Creeks Grand Slam  UDX MH 
 (GMPR Gumbo of Black Forest MH  x  CP Shamrock Acres Katy Go Litely CD TD SH)

  • "Mickey" is one of a very small number of APLA Pointing Retrievers who have
        AKC Master Hunter titles and are also Qualified All Age for AKC Field Trials
  •  68 Field Champions in six generations
  • 22 Labs in 5-generation pedigree are in the Retriever Hall of Fame
  • Three 1st place finishes in earning his UD
  • Went 10 for 13 in earning his  UDX in mid-March of 2003
  • 25th out of 443 Labs earning Novice Obedience Titles in year 2000
  • Amateur Trainer/Handler/Owner Jim Coggins of Milwaukee
  • OFA hips "good", elbows "normal",  both litter CERF and current CERF
  • black (yellow factored)
  • Click for more details about Mickey

GMPR  Joemac's Cause for Concern  CDX MX MXJ
(FC AFC Rebel With A Cause  x   WR  Joemac's Pepper of Lime Creek JH)

  • Grand Master Pointing Retriever, Sept 2002
  • Derby 2nd and two JAMs, Spring 2002
  • High Point Puppy Wisconsin Amateur Field Trial Club 2001
  • High Point Puppy Madison Retriever Club 2001
  • High Point Amateur Trained and Handled MRC 2001
  • Companion Dog title May 2001
  • Joey's national Labrador agility rankings by "Front & Finish" for 2001:
          2nd for Novice JWW
          4th for Novice Standard (tie)
          8th for Open Standard
  • Joey's national Labrador agility rankings by "Front & Finish" for 2002:
          1st for Open JWW
  • OFA hips "excellent", elbows "normal";  CERF  2000, 2002
  • , 2003
  • Click for more details about Joey

Joemac's  Pale Rider MX MXJ ADD
(FC AFC Rebel With A Cause  x   WR  Joemac's Pepper of Lime Creek JH)

  • First Lab to try out for the AKC Agility World Team, (2004)
  • Fastest Agility Lab listed in Very Fast Labs Database
  • Qualified for USDAA Agility Nationals all three years he's been eligible
  • 2003 Grand Prix Semi-Finalist (highest placing non-Border Collie):
    11th in 26" Quarterfinals
    9th in Team Standard
  • 2003 Incredible Dog Challenge Central Regional:
          2nd in Large Dog Agility
    1st in Dog Diving (24' 8" jump)
  • OFA hips "excellent", elbows "normal";  CERF 2003, 2004
  • For more details about "Preacher", contact Kelly Garver

"Joey" and "Preacher" are littermates, born in May, 2000.  Rebel, their sire, was the high point yellow Field Trial Labrador in 2000 and 2001. Their dam, Pepper is a littermate of both Mickey and Punkin.

 GMPR MACH Lime Creek's Punkin Patootie VCD3 UD TDX MH
 (GMPR Gumbo of Black Forest MH  x  CP Shamrock Acres Katy Go Litely CD TD SH)

  • Only Lab ever to reach the finals of the AKC National Agility Championships

  • AKC Award as Top Agility Lab for 2002

  • Master Hunter and Grand Master Pointing Retriever titles while 2 years old

  • Youngest Lab since 1991 to earn an AKC advanced tracking title 

  • Youngest Lab ever to be awarded a VCD2 title by AKC 

  • Only Lab ever to be awarded a VCD3 title by AKC

  • Only MACH bitch ever to have a litter of Lab puppies  (2003)

  • OFA hips "excellent", elbows "normal";  CERF 2000, 2001, 2003

    For more details about "Punkin", click here.

      (For future information about Punkin's year old litter, watch this space.)

"Punkin", "Pepper", and "Mickey" are littermates born in November of 1997 to GMPR Gumbo of Black Forest MH and
our foundation bitch CP Shamrock Acres Katy Go Litely CD TD SH.  In addition to being valued hunting and family companions,
the pups from this litter have established the outstanding trial record shown on our home page.

To find out more about Gumbo, Katy, and all of the the dogs in Mickey's and Punkin's litter, click here.


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